I’m proud of my role in stopping PURE and I’ll fight against any future plans to inject wastewater into the Florida aquifer—no matter what name they give it, or who is pushing for it.

I don’t know why the administration is so laser-focused on a plan that’s opposed by everyone from the Sierra Club to Young Republicans—and my opposition to toilet-to-tap is the primary reason I’ve attracted such a high-profile opponent who is on the record as supporting PURE.

While we must determine solutions for our growing city, current technology cannot remove all the potential impurities from our wastewater. It is irresponsible to inject that into our largest source of fresh water without knowing the consequences.

I’m changing the conversation to focus on what we can do right now to protect the water we do have. Robust education on and enforcement of conserving water will be brought to the forefront.

Our water is too precious to be risking it for an expensive “solution” for which there’s no proof anything actually gets solved. Future generations of Tampeños will thank us for taking the time to invest in smart solutions.

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