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My vision for a better Tampa

What I’ve done and what I’m doing to make Tampa more affordable, safer, inclusive, and prosperous.

Affordable housing

Affordable housing is my top priority. The future growth of this city is contingent on our being able to house the workers for growing industries in safe, affordable housing. We’ve already nearly doubled the amount of money dedicated to affordable housing through searching both the city and CRA budgets, and I look forward to allocating substantially more in the next budget.


Improving transit options to the urban core is a major priority for me, and ties directly into my vision for affordable housing. We need to invest in broader transit options beyond just HART, and I’m fighting to continue forward with plans for bus rapid transit connecting USF with the downtown area, to better cut down on the sprawl and make the city more accessible for everyone.

Clean Water

To me, sustainability means ensuring the long-term safety of our clean water souce—specifically by not injecting sewage into it. I’m proud to have put a stop to PURE’s “toilet-to-tap” fiasco and I’m the only candidate in my race who can guarantee we won’t put wastewater in the Florida aquifer.

Reproductive Freedom

I introduced a resolution to block city tax dollars from being used to investigate or prosecute women or doctors for health care decisions and will continue to dedicate myself toward protecting our residents from these laws I believe to be in violation of the Florida Constitution.

Solid Waste

It’s no secret that I have a passion for trash, and Tampa has a lot of room to grow in its solid waste policy! We can save significant money in solid waste by directly addressing waste practices of residents and moving toward more efficient and sustainable practices; there’s no better way to achieve this than by working directly with the people, providing workshops and materials that improve education around our garbage, including how to recycle and compost. 


As a former Old Seminole Heights neighborhood trustee, I know how much better we can increase communication and cooperation between the city and our neighborhoods. Involving neighborhoods as true stakeholders in new development helps ensure our neighborhoods retain their historic character while allowing for the increase in density we desperately need.